Can we wash the slate in a dishwasher?
No, mild kitchen cleaner and a damp cloth is the best way. Putting the slate through a dishwasher will ruin the felt feet and possibly block your filter.


Are Slated Products Food Safe?

All of the Slated Collection is sealed for Food Safety, certification is available upon request.


Will all the slate look the same? 
No, because the slate is hand crafted, irregularities must be expected on the surface and edges. Please also be aware of sharp edges when handling this product. Also the colour & amount of mineral content of the slate will change slightly over time as different seams are quarried.


How can we look after the slate? 
From time to time you might want to rub a good natural oil onto the surface of the slate to enhance its natural colour & contours.


How sturdy is slate?
Slate is one of the most durable, naturally occurring stones readily available; slates, which are found on the roofs of homes and building across the world, typically withstand the elements for two hundred years or more. It is the stone that all synthetic tiles aspire to be.


Our products are made to last. All our slate products  are between 4 and 6 mm thick.